Artists' Discography

Paradise Found: Reflections for Oboes and Organ
    Millennia Too!
with Susan Barrett and Alison Luedecke

Songs of Forbidden Love and Forgotten Dances
Duo Cantilena: Music for Oboe/English Horn & Guitar

    Duo Cantilena
with Susan Barrett and Randy Pile

Transformations: Music for Organ and other Instruments
   Millennia Consort
with Alison Luedecke, Susan Barrett and friends

    Camarada Woodwind Quintet
with Susan Barrett and friends

A Rudolph von Beckerath Retrospective: His First Instruments in North America
    with Alison J. Luedecke, solo organ [2 CDs]

Sacred Legacy of Paris
Divinum mysterium
Liturgical Organists Consortium Chant Mosaics

    with Alison Luedecke and friends


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